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EMC Compliance: Susceptibility Testing and Emissions Testing

EMC Compliance Testing

Electromagnetic Compatibility Testing, or EMC Testing, is, simply put, a process to determine whether an electronic product either produces or is susceptible to electromagnetic disturbances. These tests are crucial in any situation where a product must meet EMC requirements as established by the FCC and other organizations throughout the world.

GTL Can Meet Your EMC Testing Needs

GTL is a NVLAP Lab Code 200409-0 Accredited ISO/IEC 17025 testing laboratory. Our highly experienced team is acclaimed, accredited and equipped with the tools and resources to meet your compliance needs, including a 10-meter Open Area Test Site fully climate controlled with Accredited NSA. Efficient and thorough compliance testing will help ensure that your product is ready to go in your chosen market. Releasing a new product has enough challenges – compliance shouldn’t be one of them.

Contact us about your compliance needs and let us find the best solution.

Global EMC Compliance

EMC requirements vary by country, and most countries have an organization that establishes and enforces EMC regulations. GTL provides EMC testing for the following disciplines:

If your product requires EMC compliance in any of these markets, GTL has the resources to make sure it meets the necessary regulations and standards.

What is CE?

CE Marking (self-declaration) is the regulatory European product marking allowing access to the EU/EEA member countries (and even some EU candidate countries in East Europe), as dictated by EU Directives and corresponding national regulations. It is required for a wide range of products, including electrical consumer products, medical equipment and machinery.

The CE-marking is essentially based on the manufacturer’s own declaration of conformity with the relevant Directives. For some cases of high risk products and where European product standards are not used, the involvement of an authorized Notified Body (or Competent Body) is required as basis for the manufacturers Declaration of Conformity (DoC) and for CE-Marking of the product.


EMC Testing - Open Area Test Site

Global Testing Laboratories – Open Area Test Site OATS

EMC Testing OATS

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EMC Testing OATS

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